Committee Members - We need YOU!
 Do you have a wish to help continue to improve and support our setting? 

To enable us to continue to provide this engaging and educational environment support from parents is vital. We rely on parent’s help and commitment to keep the setting running.

Hopton School House is run by a Volunteer (unpaid) Committee of Parents.

Without the volunteer committee including the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, Hopton School House cannot continue to function, these posts are vital to the Charity continuing to operate.

If you want to have more say in how the playgroup and out of school club is run, it is up to you to become an elected Committee Member.

We are in the process of changing our Charity Status from an ordinary Charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which would remove some of the the liability from our Committee Members and ensure that becoming a Chair or Committee Member is less onerous.

All parents/carers are automatically Family Members of the Committee and we need parents to actively take part in termly Committee Meetings and to help with fundraising events.

The Committee meets approximately once per term and we encourage a member of each family to attend. Notice is given of the meeting in advance via the Newsletter and on this page.

Key staff also attend the meetings.

Our current Committee Members are listed below, however we hope that this list will increase with your name added!

Chair,  Paul Howard,

Treasurer, Paul Dunn,

Secretary, Rebecca Sweet,

Ordinary Members - Mike Smith

Representatives from other bodies

Cam Hopton School Representative, vacancy 

Hopton School House Trust (Landlords of the School House) Representative, Rosa Levitt

Staff who attend

Childcare Manager Mona Aldridge, Deputy Leader Vicky Stark 

OOSC Play Leader, Jane Fisher

Administrator, Cheryl Harper-Coles